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Modified: 4/4/2013 11:02 AM
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MiceOnABeam V1.0.4 Beta is here!

MiceOnABeam v1.0.4 is ready for a short beta trial. I'm looking for experienced MOAB users who are interested in trying out the latest and greatest version, which has been fully updated with latest LSL functions and features an enhanced code editor with full type-checking, together with Syntax Color Highlighting, Hover Tooltips and much more!

If you're interested and have time over the next two weeks to try things out, please send an email to support@miceonabeam.com and I'll send you the info to access the beta release. No need to do anything special for the beta; just use it as you would normally (with particular attention on the new features) and report any issues via email to support@miceonabeam.com.

Full details on the release are available here.

If all goes well, I expect to run the beta for two weeks or so, ending with the official release of v1.0.4 around April 20th.

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