MiceOnABeam Product Documentation

Modified: 6/15/2019 12:36 PM
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MiceOnABeam Product Documentation

Welcome to the MiceOnABeam Visual Scripting Tool Product Documentation!

This site fully documents the use of MiceOnABeam providing both a reference for the various menus and actions that you can perform in MiceOnABeam, as well as a usage guide for the modeling techniques you can use to create LSL scripts for the Second Life® and OpenSim based virtual worlds.



Start Here

        ► Video Introduction to MiceOnABeam


Downloading & Installing the Program

Program Overview & Menus

10 Steps to Creating Your First MiceOnABeam Script

Modeling Overview


Video Tutorials



User Interface

Modeling Features

LSL Actions

LSL Events

Event Data

Script Debugging

Modeling Notes

Component Library

Reusable Components

Compiler Directives 

Performance Analysis 

Setting Program Options 



Release Notes


System Requirements

Code Generation

Comparison with UML 2.0 State Machines

End-User License Agreement


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