MOAB Universal

Modified: 1/3/2019 2:34 PM
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MOAB Universal

Welcome to the online documentation for MOAB Universal component products!

This site provides information on the various MOAB components that are sold on the Second Life® Marketplace.


  • New MOAB Universal Slider & Rotator V1.0.9 Now Available!

    • *NEW* Optional looping of opening & closing sounds for duration of the movement!
  • Other MOAB Universal Products

    • MOAB Universal Rotator: Swing any uncut, rotated prim on any side!
    • MOAB Universal Slider: Slide any rotated prim in any direction!
    • MOAB Universal All-In-One Door:  Scripts for an All-In-One Door with True Hinge Operation
    • MOAB HUD Door Server: HUD for Centralized Control of MOAB Universal Doors


MOAB Universal Rotator V1.0.9

MOAB Universal Slider V1.0.9

MOAB Universal All-In-One Door V1.0.0

MOAB HUD Door Server V1.0.0

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