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MOAB HUD Door Server

MOAB HUD Door Server
Centralized control & management for MOAB Universal Doors
By Antonius Frentis. Copyright MiceOnABeam 2012.

- Controls a set of MOAB Universal Doors on a single sim;
- Open, Close, Lock, Unlock, Reset any single or all managed doors;
- Teleport to any managed door;
- Centralized access list control;
- Centralized updating of door scripts, including free updates for the Server as well as the MOAB Universal Door & MOAB Role Play Add-On products;
- Menu-based access to commands;
- Server can be worn as a HUD or standalone;
- Group Based Server Security;
- Doors can be also be managed by secondary authorized HUD servers;

1) Rez the MOAB Door Server on the sim where you wish to control MOAB Universal Doors.
2) Edit the MOAB Door Server and set it's Object Name to a name that is unique among any other MOAB Door Servers on the sim. Keep this name confidential.

3) OPTIONAL Group Mode: Assign a Second Life® group to the MOAB Door Server. If a group is not assigned, then you must own the server in order to use it. If a group is assigned, (Group Mode) then only an avatar with that group active can use it. (See SERVER SECURITY below.)
4) Attach the server as a HUD if desired.

5) Press the RESET button on server HUD/prim;

6) To register a MOAB Universal Door to the server, edit the door's DoorOptions notecard and set the value of the SERVER option to the same name as that chosen for the server. Upon saving the notecard the door will automatically register with the server. The owner of the door MUST be the same as the owner of the server. (See SERVER SECURITY below for a permitted exception to this.)

Note that only the MASTER door in a multi-door group should set the SERVER option! (See MOAB Universal Door documentation.)

7) After all the doors have been configured, press the MENU button on the server HUD/prim to display the menu and start managing the doors.
Using the server is straightforward. The server will first prompt you to set the Current Door by displaying a menu list of all the doors that have registered with this server. After setting the Current Door, any subsequent door command will operate only on that particular door. If All Doors was selected for the Current Door, then the command will be sent to all doors.

Server security is maintained in one of two ways. In Owner Mode, a Second Life group is not assigned to the server, and only the owner of the server will be able to use it. If a group is assigned, then the server operates in Group Mode and only an avatar with that group active can use it. (This also applies to the server's owner).

A Main Server and it's set of managed doors MUST all have the same Owner. However one or more Secondary Servers can also be used to control the same set of doors as the Main server. These Secondary servers must have the same object name and Second Life group assigned as the Main Server, but can have a different owner than that of the  Main Server.  If Secondary Servers are being used, the Main Server must first have registered all the doors and ideally should be physically present on the sim and not used as a HUD.

The above flexibility allows you to permit someone else to also manage your doors. Simply add them to the same Second Life group assigned to your Main Server and purchase for them a MOAB Door Server. They must then configure the server with the same object and group name as the Main Server. At any time you can de-authorize a Secondary Server by removing it's owner from the Main Server's Second Life group.

Note: If you change the group of the Main Server then you must either select the Audit All menu item, or simply reset the server by pressing the Reset button.

- DO NOT change the names of any of the scripts or notecards!
- If you change the Object Name of the MOAB Door Server you must reset the server by pressing the RESET button on the server HUD/prim or select ResetServer from the server menu. MOAB Universal Doors must then be re-registered with the server as in Step 6 above.
- The server will automatically re-audit the doors when it is reset, rezzed or upon entering a new sim. You may also request a re-audit of all doors via the server's Audit All menu command.
- The server should not be deeded to a Group.
- In case of any difficulties, press the RESET button on the server HUD/prim or select ResetServer from the server menu.

You may optionally edit the notecard named AccessList in the server prim's inventory, and add a line with the avatar's (legacy) name prefixed with a "+" or "-" for the Whitelist or Blacklist respectively (only one name per line). Note that there is currently a limit of 40 names max that can be entered in the AccessList notecard.

You may send this access list to a managed door (or all managed doors) by selecting the server's SendAccess menu command. However the managed door will only accept an access list if it does NOT have an AccessList notecard within it's inventory; therefore you must delete the AccessList notecard from all doors which you want to be under centralized access list control.

Note that the centralized AccessList must be re-sent to any door that has been reset.

Your purchase of the MOAB Door Server provides free updates for the Server as well as the MOAB Universal Door & MOAB Role Play Add-On products! When available you will be automatically sent a new version of the Server which will also contain the latest versions of the MOAB Universal Door & MOAB Role Play Add-On scripts. The new versions of these scripts/objects can then be automatically sent to a managed door (or all managed doors) by selecting the server's Update Door menu command. For each new version of the Server, this command need only be run once for an existing set of managed doors. Note that door version updates can be very time consuming and should only be done when the sim is not busy!

- The doors must have mod permissions to be updated;
- The managed doors and the server must share the same avatar owner;
- Previous versions of items must already be in the managed door's inventory in order to be updated; For example, doors without the MOAB Role Play Add-On scripts will not have these scripts added to the door when updated by the Server.

- Select Door:  Sets the Current Door. Subsequent command selections will operate on the Current Door
- Open:  Opens the Current Door.
- Close:  Closes the Current Door.
- Reset Door:  Resets the Current Door.
- Lock:  Locks the Current Door.
- Unlock:  Unlocks the Current Door.
- Audit All:  Initiates an audit of all doors.
- Teleport:   Teleports you to the door's location. Note that if you own the server you will be teleported after granting permission. Otherwise, a chat link or Teleport button on World Map (if server is attached) must be clicked/pressed respectively in order to teleport. Note it's best to attach the server as a HUD when using this command so that you easily travel from one door to the next!
- SendAccess:  Sends the access list to the Current Door.
- ResetServer:  Resets the server.
- List Names:  Displays the names in the access list.
- Add Name:  Adds the entered name (+/-aName) temporarily to the Whitelist(+) or Blacklist(-); (AccessList notecard re-asserted on server reset!).
- Del Name:  Removes the entered name (+/-)aName) temporarily from the Whitelist(+) or Blacklist(-); (AccessList notecard re-asserted on server reset!).
- Update Doors:  Updates the Current Door with the latest script/object versions placed in the server's inventory"
- Help:  Displays help for the command menu.
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