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Modified: 2/16/2011 8:24 PM
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V1.0.1 Release Notes

What's New

(406) MiceOnABeam script models can now be fully documented by adding comments to all modeling components:
Descriptive textual comments can now be added to all modeling components. A comment can be added, viewed or edited by choosing the Edit Comment menu item on the State Editor's context menu (right mouse button).

To easily view the comments defined for a script model, select the new Show Comment tool in the State Editor's toolbar. Then move the mouse over a modeling component of interest and it's comment will be displayed in a pop-up note.

Note that the overall description for a script model is now edited by selecting the Edit Comment menu item from the main program's Script menu.

(430) Display of outgoing transition from a Choice Point has been improved:
The originating end point of an outgoing transition from a Choice Point is now easier to set to the left and right vertices of a Choice Point. The originating point will only switch to the bottom vertex of a Choice Point if the mid-point of the transition is 10 pixels below the bottom vertex.

(61) Modeling component moves now require minimum move distance:
To avoid spurious moves when clicking on modeling components, the mouse (on mouse-down) will have to move a minimum distance in order to initiate a graphical move. Note that components can still always be moved one pixel at a time by using the arrow keys.

(421) Support for new LSL functions and constants:
Updated various help descriptions and added support for:
- llGetLinkNumberOfSides(integer link)

(432) Internal Transitions display option for states will now only include transitions with defined events:
Previously when the display option Internal Transitions was selected in the States panel of the Options dialog all contained transitions were listed. With this release only transitions which have an event defined for them will be included.

The transition list will also be now included within it's own compartment in the state label.

(433) Selection of transitions is now more precise:
Previously it was sometimes hard to select a specific transition if a set of transitions were closely spaced together or partly encompassing each other. With this release transitions can be more accurately selected by either clicking on or close to it's label or transition line.

Note that the selection rectangle can no longer be used to select one or more transitions due to the limited applicability of doing so. The benefit of disabling this is that a group selection of other components via the selection rectangle will now result in less visual clutter.

(351) New infrastructure for upgrading models to newer versions of MiceOnABeam:
The infrastructure has been put in place to handle upgrades of older script model files to newer versions of MiceOnABeam.

(355) Clearer error dialog when attempting to open script model whose version is no longer supported:
A clearer error dialog is now presented when attempting to open a script model that was saved in a version of MiceOnABeam that is no longer supported.

Bug Fixes

(414) Crash on selecting Edit Properties in Search Dialog for States and Transitions if corresponding State Editor was not opened:
Selecting Edit Properties in the context menu for States and Transitions in the Search Dialog when the corresponding State Editor was not opened would cause a crash. This has been fixed.

(412) Crash on changing event to %%CompletionEvent of transition with destination Terminate, Choice or History Points:
A crash would result if a transition whose destination end point was connected to a Terminate, Choice, or History Point had it's event changed to the %%CompletionEvent. This has been fixed.

(427) The State Editor changed flag did not show in some circumstances:
If a Property Editor was opened on a modeling component whose corresponding State Editor was not opened, then when changes were made to the component's properties and saved, the changed flag "*" was not shown in the title bar of all open State Editors belonging to the script model.

(417) Installer requires .NET 3.5 even though error message says "or higher":
The error message has been clarified to indicate that .NET 3.5 is required.

Known Issues

(132) Moving a State Editor window will clear the Undo/Redo history.

(405) Can't close a State Variables/Functions Editor containing an invalid field:
If there is a field with invalid data in the State Variables/Functions Editor, the editor cannot be closed using the Close Box or ESC key. In this case the Cancel button should be used to abort the changes.

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