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Modified: 4/26/2013 6:06 PM
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Component Library

The Component Library Browser provides a sortable folder view of the model files that you wish to access as reusable components.

The library is opened up by selecting the menu item Component Library within the main View menu. A check-mark next to the menu item indicates that the browser is open.

The browser initially provides a view on the Library folder which is created by default within the My Documents\MiceOnABeam folder. The location for this folder can be changed through the General options panel within the Options dialog opened from the main Tools menu.



All script model files that are contained within the selected folder will be shown within a list in the top panel of the browser. Additional columns indicate the model name, model version and when the model file was modified and created. Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.

Selecting one of the script models will bring up the model's description in the lower panel. URL links contained in the description can be clicked and the link will be opened up in your default web browser.

Folders can be traversed by double-clicking any folder item. Double-clicking the icon will go up one directory level.

►To refresh the contents of the Component Library browser select Refresh from it's context menu

To open a model file in a State Editor, double-click the file item or right-click it and select Open from it's context menu. To import a reusable component from the library into your current model, click and drag the model file into your State Editor. See Importing Reusable Components for further details.


  • If you find it more convenient, you can set the location path for the Library folder to be the same as the Default Design Location folder. In this way you can access all your scripts through the Component Library browser interface.

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