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Tutorial - Step 14

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  • To generate a complete LSL script for the model, select the Generate LSL (Optimized) menu item from the Script menu of the main program window.

Note that while debugging your scripts (especially if you're using an external LSL simulator) the non-optimized version may be desirable. However the optimized version should almost always be used to generate the final, tested script for the SL environment.



  • A window is then opened up containing the generated script. You can examine the LSL code by scrolling down. To transfer the new script to Second Life, click on the Copy button to copy the code to the system clipboard. (You can also click the Save button to save the generated code to a text file.)

  • Once in Second Life, create and design an object to represent your light, add a new script named TriColorLight to the Content tab, and then Open an LSL code editor on the script. Then paste the code directly within the editor. Ensure that Mono and Running are both selected, and then click on the Save button.
  • Click on your new light to start to turn it on. Then click again to turn it off.

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