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Modified: 5/7/2013 2:09 PM
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Tutorial - Step 8

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  • Next we need to create a State Variable. The top-level state TriColorLight needs a variable named Timeout whose value is the number of seconds to delay between switching colors. To create this variable, right-click on the background of the State Editor and select Edit State Variables and Functions


  • Select an unused row in the State Variables section; choose float from the Type drop-down list; enter Timeout as the variable Name, and enter 2.0 as the Initialization code. Note that both the "=" and the final ";" are built-in and do not have to be manually entered. Click the OK button when done.


  • As a state variable, Timeout will be accessible to all code within the TriColorLight state, which since it is the top-level state, will be accessible by all contained states.

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