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Modified: 4/1/2013 8:12 PM
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General Options

File Locations
  • Default Project Location: Specifies the path for the User's MiceOnABeam folder. The folder Temp is automatically created in this directory to hold temporary files used by the program.
  • Default Design Location: Specifies the path for the default directory to store saved scripts.
  • Default Component Library Location: Specifies the path for the default directory containing reusable component for the Component Library.
  • Enable Debug Mode: When enabled, the user will be informed of certain internal, recoverable errors if they occur.

When in Debug Mode, a validation and repair of the internal model representation can also be performed. MiceOnABeam Support will advise and provide instructions as necessary.

  • Send Exception: When enabled, the program will enable the sending of exception and error reports directly to MiceOnABeam Support. Note that the sending of a report must still always be confirmed by the user in a dialog that will be presented at the time of the exception or error.
  • From User Email: Provides the user's email address that will be sent along with the exception or error report to MiceOnABeam Support if Send Exception has been enabled.
  • Show Splash Screen: When enabled, the MiceOnABeam program will start with a Splash Screen that will show the program's start-up progress.
  • Show Help Tips: When enabled, pop-up help descriptions will be displayed in the various MiceOnABeam editors and menus. To display the help text simply move the cursor over the field or menu item of interest.

The display of the help pop-ups can also be turned on or off by selecting Show Help Tips within the Help menu of the main menu.



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