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Modified: 12/23/2011 4:26 PM
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Using the State Explorer

In a complex model consisting of several Composite States, it can be tedious to traverse the nested state hierarchy to get to the particular state of interest.

The State Explorer feature addresses this by providing a tree-like view of the model's state hierarchy so that you can easily zero-in on the exact part of your model that you wish to examine.



Aside from just viewing the state hierarchy, you can also open up a State, Properties, Comment or State Variable/Functions editor from the context menu for a selected state in the State Explorer.

If the Show extended model comments option is enabled in the Models panel of the Options dialog, the lower Comments pane of the State Explorer will show the extended description for the state including Events, Entry/Exit actions and State Variables/Functions. In this way model information is at your fingertips without having to open up additional editors.

State Explorer Context Menu Items

  • Edit Properties

Opens up the Properties Editor for the selected state. A check-mark is shown if the state has Entry/Exit Action code entered.

  • Edit Comment

Opens up the Comment Editor for the selected state where the comment can be viewed and/or edited. A check-mark is shown if the state has comments entered.

  • Edit State Variables and Functions

Opens up the State Variables and Functions Editor for the selected state. A check-mark is shown if the state has State Variables/Functions defined.

  • Open State

Opens up a new State Editor showing the decomposition of the selected state.

  • Open State Explorer

Opens up a new State Explorer for the selected state.

  • Refresh

Refreshes the display of the State Explorer.

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