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Modified: 4/26/2013 6:20 PM
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Built-In Components

Several reusable components are currently provided with MiceOnABeam. They represent just an initial start and more will be provided in subsequent releases.

Importing a Built-In Component into your Model

The built-in modeling components can be accessed directly from the State Editor. Right-click over empty background space of the State Editor to bring up it's context menu.

Selecting the Insert Component menu item will pop-up a sub-menu showing the various categories of components. Selecting a category will display the component models that are available together with their version numbers. Moving the cursor over each component will display it's pop-up description.

Simply click on a component name to import it into your State Editor.



If configuration of the component is required, you will be prompted as to whether you wish to configure it at this time. Select Yes to open the Component Configuration Wizard so that you can customize the component for your particular use.



The Component Configuration Wizard will display a form consisting of a description of the component together with a list of variables that must be configured. Follow the directions for each variable and enter in the desired value, or leave the default shown as is. (A separate form will be displayed in turn for each configurable state component in the imported model.)

Some variables will require you to choose from a set of values. In this case click in the initialization field and then right-click to get the list of values to choose from. If desired, you can override the provided choices and directly enter in another value. When you are finished, click OK.



The imported component is now ready to be connected up to your model.



Adding your Model Files to the Built-In Library

The Component Library Browser is the primary way for you to store and accessed your reusable components. However if you find it more convenient you can add your model files to the built-in library.

The model files for the built-in components are stored in MiceOnABeam's installation directory within the Library folder. Your installation folder path is shown in the About MiceOnABeam dialog (accessed from the Help menu) and can be opened up by clicking on the License File Location link.

Note: You may require administrator privileges to open the MiceOnABeam installation folder.

Each sub-directory represents a category of reusable component model files. You can add your model files to an existing folder or add new folders.

MiceOnABeam will load information on the built-in library only on startup and so the program must be restarted to reflect any file changes in the library.


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