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Modified: 4/21/2013 4:11 PM
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Components & LSL Actions

Configured Variables
  • Allow Override of Available Choices: When enabled, variables configured to be one or more of a set of choices can have their values overridden.

  • Configure Components After Drag From Library: When enabled, the Component Configuration Wizard will be automatically opened up for each configurable state component contained in the dragged model.

  • Show Icon for Configured Components: When enabled, a special icon will be displayed on all configurable state components.

LSL Actions
  • Import User LSL Actions File: When enabled, the custom User LSL Actions file will be loaded on program start or when the menu item Reload LSL Actions is selected.

Note: The importation of custom LSL Actions is only available with the Professional version of MiceOnABeam.

  • Insert First Line Only of Description: When enabled, only the first line of the LSL Action's description will be inserted as part of the LSL code.

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