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Modified: 3/7/2011 4:53 PM
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Reusable Components

A key part of any software development environment is the capability to reuse existing designs to leverage past development. MiceOnABeam provides two mechanisms for this.

At the coding level, the LSL Actions feature provides a set of configurable actions that can be inserted directly into the code sections of your model. These actions are mapped to a set of LSL coding statements when the LSL script is generated for the model.

At a higher-level of reuse, it's also useful to be able to reuse an entire state! In MiceOnABeam this takes the form of being able to save parts of models as reusable components that can be easily browsed, imported into a model and configured if required.

The following sections describe the key features which provide support for reusable components.

  • The Component Library Browser provides a sortable folder view of the model files that you wish to access as reusable components. The browser defaults to showing the files you have saved in the Library folder of your My Documents\MiceOnABeam folder.

  • Most reusable components need to be customized when reused in a particular application. See Configurable Components to find out how to make a state that you wish to reuse, configurable by the Component Configuration Wizard.

  • Creating & Saving Reusable Components covers how to take a portion of an existing model and save it for use as a reusable component.

  • Importing Reusable Components describes the process to import and incorporate a component from the Component Library Browser into your model.

  • Finally, a small number of reusable components are currently provided with MiceOnABeam - with more to come! Built-In Components tells you how to access these and incorporate them into your models.




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