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Modified: 2/16/2011 8:20 PM
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V0.1.3 Alpha Release Notes

What's New

(12) Cut/Copy/Paste design elements:
A group of selected modeling components can now be cut, copied and pasted within the same or different model.

(237) Aggregate and Decompose States:
A new Aggregate operation is now supported, whereby a group of selected components can be pushed down a level, to become contained within a newly-created Composite State.

Also now supported is the reverse of Aggregation called Decompose, whereby the contained components of a Composite State are removed and brought up a level within the state hierarchy and the (former) Composite State is then removed.

(222) Component Library:
A simple directory-based component library is now provided, where snippets of script models can be saved to serve as templates or even design patterns and later dragged from the Component Library browser and copied into other models.

(234) New option to set double-click action:
In the Models tab of the main Options menu item, you can now select one of the following actions to take place when a modeling component is double-clicked:

  •     Edit the component's name;
  •     Edit the component's properties;
  •     Open a State Editor if a state, else edit the component's properties;
  •     Go Inside if a state, else edit the component's properties;

(232) A textual description or comment can now be entered for a script:
An Edit Script Description dialog can now be opened from the main menu Script/Edit Description menu item. This description is shown when the file is viewed in the Component Library. As well the description is included within the header of the generated code for the script.

(238) Utility Functions only output on code generation when needed:
In order to save script memory, each utility function declaration will now only be included in the generated code if it has been called elsewhere within the generated code.

(239) Display of model component notations are now capped in length:
The length of model notations are now capped in length to minimize the clutter of model diagrams. Notations affected include (See Options dialog):

  •     Transitions: Include Guard & Include Effect Behavior;
  •     States: Include Entry Behavior, Include Exit Behavior & Include Internal Transitions;

(66) New System Debug settings:
Several new system debug settings have been added to the General tab of
the main Options menu item. When Debug Mode is enabled, the user will be informed of certain internal (recoverable) errors. If Send Exception is enabled, the program will enable the sending of program exception reports directly to MiceOnABeam Support (upon further confirmation by the User).

(221) All State Editors on a model now show model changed flag:
A "*" appended to a model's top-level State Editor window title indicates that a change has been made to the model, which has not yet been saved. This indicator is now shown in every State Editor opened on the model.

(235) Validation & repair of internal model representation:
When in Debug Mode, a validation and repair of the internal model representation can be invoked. MiceOnABeam Support will advise if this is necessary.

Bug Fixes

(226) Turning off Section Comments in generated code resulted in missing closing brackets:
The final closing code block bracket for a state is now generated when Section Comments are disabled in the Code Generation tab of the Options menu.

(228) Undo history logging was disabled if closing of State Editor was cancelled:
Undo history logging is disabled during the closing of a State Editor. It is now re-enabled if the close is cancelled.

(241) Saving an already saved model did not update the status line:
The status line for the main window is now updated when saving an already saved model.

Known Issues

(132) Moving a State Editor window will clear the Undo/Redo history.

(242) The syntax checker flags an error unless a zero is present before the decimal point for a float constant < 1.0.

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