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Modified: 2/16/2011 8:19 PM
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V0.2.0 Beta Release Notes

What's New

(137) LSL function and keyword code completion in Code Editor:
Code completion for LSL functions and keywords is now provided within the built-in LSL code editor.

(231) General Search feature:
A search feature is now provided which can search for text throughout the model and provide categorized lists of model components that match the search string. The search is hierarchical, and so can also be scoped to just a portion of the model.

(272) Code generation has been consolidated to run under the single LSL default state:
The code generation has been redesigned to use only the default LSL state, while continuing to support all of MiceOnABeam's advanced modeling features.

Aside from reducing memory requirements in the generated code, MiceOnABeam models with the new code generation no longer are limited by LSL's side-effects when using multiple states, such as purging the message queue and cancelling listens and sensors.

(276) Moves of transition end points:
Moving a transition end point to a new location on the border of a state will now produce much more accurate results.

(277) Creation of Self-Transitions improved:
New Self Transitions on states are now created in a standard size. However when the drop point is near a state corner, a non-standard size will be calculated to accommodate a point on the corner.

Bug Fixes

(275) Incorrect initial Connection Point location:
If an Entry or Exit point was set to Show on Border, and the model immediately saved, then upon reopening the model, the corresponding Connection Point location was wrong.

(281) Copy Modeling Components Failure:
A program crash could occur in the event a copy of modeling components failed.

(282) A Choice Point could be renamed to an existing Choice Point:
Choice Point names must be unique within the state they are contained in.

(290) Deleting a Final State followed by an Undo did not properly restore the Final State:
Final States are now properly restored when undoing a move or deletion.

(14) Reduce tab spacing in generated code window:
Tab spacing in the generated code window now follows the Code Editor settings.

(300) Using External Editor did not save changes in certain case:
If the External Editor was opened from a Code Editor's context menu without the Code Editor having the mouse  pointer in it (focus), the updated code was not validated and saved upon return from the external edit.  This has been fixed.

(301) Tabs temporarily reset on code syntax checking:
After syntax checking the code in a Code Editor, the tab spacing would change from the default 4 spaces until the next time the Code Editor was opened. This is no longer the case.

(302) Column identifier of error message within code was incorrect if tabs were present:
Tabs are now properly handled when identifying the column at which point a syntax error has occurred.

(289) Changing name of Choice Point didn't refresh State Editor properly:
This has been fixed.

(286) Continuing Initial Transition name complaint:
The default names "init" & "completion" used for transitions continuing from an Initial Transition or Completion Transition respectively, were reserved names causing an error message to be displayed when the Property Editor was opened for these transitions. These names are no longer reserved.

(303): Main Menu File & Edit menu items did not update properly when changing State Editors:
These menu items are now updated whenever a State Editor becomes active or inactive.

(324) State Variable and Function names were not properly validated:
Names for State Variables and Functions are now validated to be proper LSL identifiers.

(325) The syntax checker failed on an unmatched double-quote that immediately followed a left-parenthesis:
This has been fixed.

Known Issues

(132) Moving a State Editor window will clear the Undo/Redo history.

(315) Changing script model version number does not flag model as being changed.

(242) The syntax checker flags an error unless a zero is present before the decimal point for a float constant < 1.0.

(314) Deselecting a component within a group selection disables the Cut, Copy & Delete menu items.

Post-Release Issues

(337) Crash on drawing transition to Final State:
Workaround: Create the new transition first to another state. Then select and drag the transition's end-point over to the Final State.

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